Why It's Important to Develop Your Personal Brand

What if I told you that you could have twice the impact when marketing your product or service? Or become a thought leader in your industry? Or stand out and above your competition?

The term ‘Personal Branding’ was created in 1972, yet it's still as relevant as ever. It was reserved for celebrities, politicians and other public-facing professionals but this completely changed with the rise of social media. Everyone now has a voice or ‘image’ that they can use to market their product or service. But not everyone capitalises on it...

We aren’t interested in large, faceless corporations anymore – it feels untrusting! We want relatable, human interaction. We want to see the product used and the lifestyle that's associated with it, rather than a simple picture of the product's packaging. Companies have clicked onto this, and now regularly promote their products through influencers on social media.

But, who’s better to market your product or service than yourself?!



By strategically carving your online presence you not only showcase WHAT it is you do, but more importantly WHY you do it. What are the core values behind your company? Many start-ups I work with in Dubai don't just have an Instagram page for their business, but also personal-professional pages for themselves as entrepreneurs too.

Showing people a glimpse of the blood, sweat and tears involved– the PASSION behind your product or service, humanises it will significantly contribute towards your marketing goals.



In today’s digital world, you need to differentiate yourself and your service from your competitors. Having a clear personal brand strategy allows you to project your Unique Selling Proposition or your ‘Why’ in a consistent, authentic and impactful way.

What makes you and your product or service special? Ensure everyone knows. 



Often, before you meet, strangers will Google you – what do they find? No doubt your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profiles, but envision the credibility you will uphold if they land on an article you wrote, a video you created or interview someone did with you about your company. Building your personal brand not only increases brand awareness but also markets you as an industry expert. 

Bill Gates and Microsoft, Steve Jobs and Apple - these entrepreneurs have distinct personal brands that are inseparable from the companies that they've built. Strategically developing yours will lead to greater and more relatable brand awareness, industry recognition and differentiate you above your competitors.


How will we build your brand?