The corporate world is very competitive; the success of your business is dependent on what clients think and feel.

Top management drives organizations. Success requires a great personality, value-driven communication and an awesome reputation. CEO and Founder profiling strategies build prestige, trust, and creditability.

Having a recognizable and relatable leader enriches customer loyalty and drives repeat business, increasing the organization’s bottom line. 

Brand Research and Insights

You need to establish your brand identity to stay ahead in this competitive global market. As a top branding agency, Briar Prestidge International understands your brand is your biggest asset and marketing tool.

We carry out extensive market analysis and research into your vision and mission, to craft a distinct brand that attracts your target market, giving your brand that winning edge.


Brand Strategy and Guidelines

With our digital expertise, we craft an integrated brand strategy that positions you above the noise, both online and off. We disrupt the status quo through targeted marketing, and build a powerful and recognisable brand. Not only do we know how to get that global reach you dreamed of, but we are also ROI and conversion-driven to impact your brand's bottomline.


Brand Identity and Naming

Naming your business and developing your mission statement, tag line and unique selling proposition can be a challenge - but not for us! As the UAE's leading brand agency, we ensure your brand stands out from your competition and captures your audience's attention.


Logo Design and Marketing Collateral 

Our creative Dubai design team ensures an intelligent combination of innovative concepts and inspirational designs for logos, marketing collateral and digital banners to cut through the noise for recognisable success. 


Brand Tone of Voice

Is your brand young or old? Formal or funny? These days, people shy away from 'faceless corporations' and want to interact with something more human. With years of ghost copywriting experience, our team ensures your brand voice is consistently communicated. We are well-versed brand storytellers; ensuring that the world knows your brand's message and the values that you stand for. We bring your brand to life. (Learn More).