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Content is extremely important in modern marketing. It's been researched that the quality of content creates a perception of how good your product or service is. Today, the role of content within social media campaigns is as significant, if not more, than the channels you employ or the advertising budget you spend.  

Content is what attracts prospects on the global level, whether it's through videos, photographs, animations, blog articles, podcasts or e-guides.  Without high quality content, the effectiveness of your social media activity (and your brand!) will be compromised.


Podcast and Video Production 

Did you know that it's predicted that next year, 80% of content will be video? We produce ongoing podcast and video series from conceptualisation to production to creating an entire PR campaign around them.

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Here are some of the previous series we have produced:

Ghost Writing

Whether you're looking for blog content, press releases, social media posts, website copy, or technical writing, Briar Prestidge International delivers first-class copy that demands attention.

We are the online voice of an impressive range of companies and people: established firms and young startups, as well as top business coaches, creatives, intellectuals and investors. (Learn more).



As your social channels are often your first impression, having professional and styled photos can have a huge impact on how you do online business. Maybe have a picture of you holding your book you have authored or giving a talk; plant seeds of opportunities to create inbound thought leadership opportunities.

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 Community Management

The social algorithms are built on engagement which is why you need to create content that evokes conversation and emotion. Social media is also a powerful CRM tool to build relationships with your audience. Briar Prestidge International handles the timely day-to-day task of managing your social media, and growing an online following which converts into an offline community.


content distribution

Briar Prestidge International knows the social media platforms and their unique algorithms better than the freckles on our hands, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. We tailor purposeful and informative content that is aligned with your brand and use social media best practices, ensuring it reaches the new eyeballs and gets the brand awareness you deserve.


Digital Marketing and Content Creation with Proven Success

We create excellent relationships with target markets while building incredible online brands. Contact us today or call our Dubai agency office on (+971) 4 275 7600.