Whether you're looking for blog content, press releases, social media posts, website copy, or technical writing, Briar Prestidge International delivers first-class copy that will demand attention.

We are the voice of an impressive range of companies and people: established firms and young startups, as well as top business coaches and strategists, creatives, intellectuals and investors.

Our copywriters and editors have years of public relations, marketing and newsroom experience and we have nailed our process to be quick and efficient. Whether you seek writing and editing or distribution and consulting, Briar Prestidge provides killer content writing.



Having awesome content is the first step to engaging your audience, establishing your authority, expressing your knowledge and persuading the reader to take action.

We create first-class content writing, that is well-planned and written. Quality web copy is crucial on a website as they are a linear experience - you don't know what page your customer is going to visit next, and you need to persuade them to get in touch with you! 

The most important place you need to capture and engage readers is on the landing page. The landing pages must be clear and effective, with effective headers to explain why your product or service is betting than your competitors. A strong call-to-action helps you convert a browsing customer into a buyer - will they be a new customer or nothing but a lost sale?



Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) ensures you rank high on the web and can be easily found by interested clients, who want your service now. Briar Prestidge specialises in copy that reads effectively while also is keyword rich for SEO.


Maybe it sounds simple when we say it, but believe us - it's not! Good content writing and SEO optimised web copy takes extensive research, editing and time. Email us now for a quote.


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