Reputation Building and Management

As a business or visionary, it is crucial that you build and maintain a good reputation, both online and offline. 

At Briar Prestidge International, we cultivate and manage our client’s positive reputation with the public through various communications, such as traditional media, social media, partnerships, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and in-person engagements, such as events.

Reputation Management and Public Relations plays a multi-dimensional role. At Briar Prestidge, we craft reputations that establish goodwill, position you as a thought leader and industry expert, and increase brand awareness to invest in your company's bottom line.


pubic relations

Through media relations, we disseminate your key messages and your company news in online blogs, publications and news outlets. By positioning you and your company as an expert source on breaking news and trends, through PR we can improve your brand image and raise awareness.


ghost Content Creation

Content is the fuel that drives integrated PR and digital marketing activities. At Briar Prestidge International, we craft an engaging strategy to elevate your brand profile. We deliver a steady stream of contributed articles, blog posts, videos and other rich content assets to target audience segments and build a compelling reputation. (Learn More)


Social Media Management

Social—its rapid rise and its ever-increasing dominance—is perhaps the biggest reason that a brand’s reputation must now be “always ON.” Social media can improve your reputation - or break it! In today's digital world it's often your first impression. It’s crucial to create quality content that positions you above the noise, rather than contribute to it. (Learn More)


Online reputation management (ORM)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a tactic that improves your company’s ranking on search engines like Google, improving your online reputation. We make you visible to your target audience, through well optimised SEO that ranks well for specific keywords and key phrases, increasing the amount of traffic to your company website and other digital assets. (Learn More). 


Brand partnerships & Speaking Engagements

A Briar Prestidge International, we recognise the importance of speaking at events to share your message, enhance your reputation and gain credibility. Creating a partnership with a person or brand who shares similar values and target market, can strategically introduce you to a whole new audience.


Reputation is an multi-facet identity that evolves over time. Corporates now realise that building a buzz around reputation isn't enough. A brand without a progressive reputation is lifeless! Contact us today or call our Dubai agency office on (+971) 4 275 7600.