Leading in Social Media Marketing 


Our social media experts have phenomenal strategic and analytical experience. This only comes with working directly and regularly across all the social channels - LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Vero and Google.

Our creative campaigns are powerful and cutting-edge. And when we craft human messages that evoke feelings and emotion, that’s when we start creating conversations that develop into real, long-term 'offline' relationships.


Social media strategy

Our social strategic team loves to get to know your brand and consumers. We analyse your target audience and understand what drives them. Our experts know the exact recipe needed to grow your brand and increase your brand's engagement levels and following on social media.


Social media campaigns

Briar Prestidge International's expertise of the online landscape is next-to-none. We spend time understanding your goals, market position and analysing your target audience, before devising an across-channel social strategy which we monitor and measure using the latest software. 


Ghost content creation

It's been researched that the quality of content creates a perception of how good your product or service is. Briar Prestidge International crafts powerful messages that position you and your brand in the best light. We conceptualise and organise compelling podcast and video series to drive ROI. (Learn more)


Influencer marketing

Not only do we create our leaders into influential brands, but we also manage influencer marketing campaigns and map out relevant brand partnerships to get the reach you desire. 


Community management

We have grown social media communities to the the hundreds of thousands, and then converted them into offline supporters - no-one knows how to build brand advocates like we do. (Learn More).


Education and training

With daily changes to the social media algorithms and new digital technology being released, it's crucial to keep up with the latest online trends and insights. Briar Prestidge International leads monthly "no-fluff" digital strategy workshops, including our popular Instagram and LinkedIn Masterclasses. We also provide social media consultative solutions to other companies and agencies.  


We've handled the social media of large corporations, to building and establishing the digital processes of disruptive start-ups. Contact us today or call our Dubai agency office on (+971) 4 275 7600.